Thai Massage at Now Spa in Da Nang – Viet Nam

Thai massage is a healing practice dating back 2,500 years ago that originated in India. Discover the various health benefits associated with its regular practice.
Are you travelling in Vietnam and need an ideal spot to relax, kick off your shoes, and just take a breather from all the sight-seeing?

If yes, then boy do we have a great place for you to check out!
Now Spa in Da Nang is a leading health and wellness center located in the heart of Da Nang, Vietnam. They have a series of world-class facilities, ambient and relaxing rooms, and a friendly professional staff. One of their most popular services is the Thai Massage. People come from far and wide for their massage services. So it’s definitely a place you don’t want to miss out on if you’re passing through the area.
If you’re wondering just why you should book yourself in for a Thai massage, here is a list of the indisputable benefit of Thai Massage.

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Lowers stress levels 

Studies carried out prove that Thai massage is a great stress reliever. Researchers even concluded that a session of Thai massage was more beneficial for a patient than if the patient simply took a nap. 
If you’re travelling your body is subjected to several stressing factors you might not be aware of such as change in diet and weather. A Thai Massage is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself if you’re travelling in Vietnam.
Great for blood circulation

Feeling a little unsteady on your feet due to poor blood circulation? Thai massage is a great and efficient blood circulation treatment. The yoga-like exercises incorporated as part of the massage aid in increasing blood circulation. As blood circulates in your body, your tissues get renewed and your heart health significantly improves as well.

Boosts energy levels

You’ll very easily notice the difference in your energy levels after a Thai massage. Unlike other massages where you’re a passive participant, Thai massage encourages you to be actively involved. You’ll be asked to carry out yoga-like stretches. As you go through the paces, you’ll find that your energy levels are getting higher, and that your mind is becoming clearer.

Improves athletic performance

If you intend on enjoying a round of golf or tennis at your hotel while touring Vietnam, a visit to our Spa will prove beneficial. We’ll help you stretch your body after your game, helping you to relax all tensed up muscles and release any lingering fatigue. You’ll feel invigorated and mentally sharper after a session with one of our highly trained massage therapists. This is because of the way in which oxygen is delivered to your aching muscles as you stretch.

Reduce tension and headaches
Change in environment can cause many travellers to become dehydrated which in turn may cause headaches. One of the techniques used in Thai massage known as court-type is specifically designed to apply pressure to certain areas which will in turn effectively cure headaches. This was studied by researchers and proved an effective treatment for many patients suffering from chronic tension related headaches.

When should you book a session?
There is no right or wrong time. However, if you want to benefit the most, we recommend booking a session on a day when you’re relaxed and not in a rush to go visit another temple! We know that there are so many amazing things to see in our country, but you shouldn’t forget that you’re also on holiday, and should take it easy by treating yourself to a relaxing massage.

What should you expect during a Thai massage at Now Spa?
It’s worth knowing ahead of time that Thai massage is conducted while you’re on the floor. You won’t be lying half-naked on a massage table like with other massages. Thai massage is a little like going through the paces of a yoga session but in slow motion.

You’ll be alone with a licensed massage therapist who’ll guide you and work on your body to put you through the varying poses. Expect the therapist to knead you gently with their hands, knees, legs and or feet.

There should not be any pain or discomfort. If you do feel any discomfort, don’t hesitate to let your therapist know.

A few things to remember before you go in
Because you’re not a passive participant, eat and drink something before you go into your session. If you don’t you might feel a little dizzy or light-headed as you’re taken through the paces.
If you have any medical problems (e.g. you’ve had surgery recently) you should let your therapist know before you start.
Dress comfortably in loose-fitting attire. 

Book your session today
Don’t hesitate to book a session with us today. We are truly the best choice for traveler. You won’t regret it, we promise.

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