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Massage TháiThai Massage

The sensory system is significantly impacted by the use of massage. The impacts of massage might alleviate and narcotic, giving help from anxious touchiness. Disarranges, for example, a sleeping disorder, strain, migraines and different pressure related conditions react to the recuperating intensity of touch as harmony and congruity comes back to the vexed personality. Then again, the impacts of massage on the nerves might animate, advancing an expansion in the action of the muscles, vessels and organs administered by them. It is significant in instances of dormancy and weakness. The strong framework determines tremendous advantages. Muscles keep up parity in unwinding and contracting. 


 massage tinh dầuHerbal Massage

Our herbal therapy is designed to relieve pain and inflammation using a selection of unique therapeutic herbs such as ginger, prai, lemongrass and turmeric. This combination of healing herbs is wrapped together in a muslin compress before it is steamed and applied directly to the body to relieve muscular aches and swelling. Our herbal compresses are neither complicated nor expensive yet very effective. The herbal massage technique offers numerous potential physical and psychological health benefits. It helps relieve stress and fatigue, while boosting both your physical and emotional well-being. It also improves lymph and blood circulation,relieves pulled muscles and ligaments, migraines, back pains, stress and anxiety.

Massage thảo dượcPregnancy Massage

Therapeutic massage has been known to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress and improve ones overall health but pregnancy massages have received mixed reactions from health professionals regarding their purpose and safety. However, modern research studies seem to suggest that prenatal massage therapy done by a certified prenatal massage therapist can significantly reduce symptoms of depression, decrease anxiety, relieve joint paints and muscle aches, improve labor outcomes and promote newborn health. Pregnancy is a wonderful time but it comes with changes in hormone levels but incorporating therapeutic massage into regular prenatal care, the hormone levels are regulated leading to improved cardiovascular health and fewer childbirth related complications.

Massage da nongBody Massage

Having a full body massage involves manipulating and rubbing body muscles, skin, tendons and ligaments. Our full body massage offers multiple physical and psychological benefits such as reducing the symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety as well as improving your overall well-being by increasing your energy levels and promoting better sleep making you feel less fatigued. Studies also show that a full body massage can act as a pain reliever and can also relieve stiffness in your body.


Massage chân

 massage tinh dầuFoot Massage

After a long day of walking around and standing up, a foot massage will definitely help you feel a bit more relaxed. Sometimes the feet tend to swell up and in order to relieve some of the pain, a simple foot massage is all you need. There are many different massage techniques and all have certain health benefits. For instance, most traditional therapeutic massage techniques basically focus more on relaxing the joints and muscles while some like reflexology try to improve internal organ function by acting upon some specific areas of the feet. A short foot massage can do so much for you. Having two or three sessions of a foot massage per week has several benefits that can be felt either immediately or after a few weeks.


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