4 Benefits of Foot Massage

After a long day of walking and standing, our feet tend to swell up. With a short foot massage, we can get ourselves relaxed. Almost everyone likes foot massage, but does it really come with any benefit? In a matter of fact, there are many benefits we can get from it other than relieving us from pain and making us relaxed. There exist many massage techniques that promise great profits. These techniques range from traditional therapeutic ones, aromatherapy, acupressure, and reflexology techniques. The traditional therapeutic greatly focus on relaxing the joints and muscles; the general body health and also energy flow simply by acting on particular pressure points is achieved by the acupressure technique; reflexology tries to improve the functioning of the internal organ as the aromatherapy adds an element of relaxation. Read on to learn the benefits of Nowspa & Beauty foot massage.

1. Good for sex life

For this to come by, all you require is a few scented candles some massage oil and some light music to set the perfect possible mood for the whole night of passionate lovemaking. This is actually a selfless gift to your partner as it greatly helps an individual forget some minor annoyances that they might have encountered throughout the day. Foot massage from our Vietnam Nowspa & Beauty is also a great foreplay form. The starting point of lovemaking is the foot as they offer easy transition and mild arousal to such erogenous zones like for instance the inner thighs and back of the knees.

2. Improves circulation

We have nowadays become unaccustomed using our muscles more often due to the sedentary lifestyle we nowadays have. Circulation in the foot is often impaired by uncomfortable and tight shoes since feet muscles get hardly any kind of exercise. Half an hour k35/1 Ham Nghi Da Nang foot massage sessions can greatly improve lower extremities circulation before going to bed. This is more important to diabetes sufferers.

3 . Prevents ankle and foot injuries

Foot massage can relieve pain at the joints, reduce muscle soreness, and also aid recovery in case an injury occurs. Combining our Vietnam Nowspa & Beauty foot massage with ankle stretching and strengthening exercises can aid greatly in preventing injuries that may happen in the future and also can speed up the recovery of any kind of injury that might be existing. Risks of injuries can be minimized if you stick to short weekly sessions of three to five times. Every person normally has his/her clumsiness moments, with a flexible and strengthened foot and ankle, you are assured that you might have avoided any unpleasant injury.

4. Helps with migraines and headaches

Research that has ever been carried out before showed that individuals suffering from migraines and headaches ever showed improvement on these symptoms after being administered to reflexology treatments. The subjects stopped taking medication and 65% of them showed to have reduced symptoms just a few months after they had completed their treatment. There is a strong belief that those that considered reflexology foot massages came out with additional and positive changes in lifestyle. This actually contributed much to their end impressive results.

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